Key & Peele Drop ‘Keanu’ Trailer

As a fan of the Comedy Central series, Key & Peele, it was hilarious to be surprised that they had already filmed their first movie together. Of course, they would have to do a movie that was as outrageous as they did on their show. So how do you pick up? You pick a movie about a recently dumped guy, who finds a kitten and adopts it.

Something happens and the kitten is taken. Given that this was his last bastion of happiness, he will fight for his life to get Keanu back. He drags his friend into an action-adventure to find his kitten and bring them back alive. Sounds outrageous? That is Key & Peele for you. This is the trailer for their upcoming movie, Keanu, which drops in theaters in April.

If you love pets and Key & Peele, then you will love this trailer. I am so looking forward to seeing something so outrageous and hilarious this spring. As I am sad that they have ended their series, I will be reminded just how fun they were to watch. Check out the trailer and enjoy it!


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