The Lazy Geeks Podcast To Return

2016 The Lazy Geeks Podcast Banner

One of the best things about being independent is that you have the ability to make choices on your own. You do not have to go through committees or focus groups or get permission from some bosses to make changes are simply try something new. With all that being said, many times when you try to do something different, you may tend to make mistakes. Mistakes are a part of life and this podcast (or series of podcasts) have been a series of trying something new and calling it quits when something does not work. This is one such case.

Back in January, we decided to try something different in the way we brought you guys the news. Gone were the days of writing news stories and we were venturing into the world of podcasting by bringing you highlights of the day with news stories that tickled our fancy. After doing it for about two and a half months, nearly 40 shows in total, we felt something was missing. People had not taken to the news series as we had hoped and we felt something was ‘off’ about the new show, Systems Update, and we figured out what it was: us.

Giving the news of the day, you can get anywhere. The main thing that drove people to the old shows, even many of them are still being downloaded now, was the fact that people liked our banter. Our own commentary, which is why (in our opinion) the podcasts saw an increase while website sort of peaked. The site brought you the news that everyone could sort of get everywhere else. However, the shows were where we voiced our opinion through humor and sort of taking the fanboy out of the news.

With all of that being said, we noticed that the shows didn’t have what we wanted. It was us talking into a vacuum with no one to work off of. We admit to mistakes and this was not so much of a mistake as it was a trial in an experiment. Was it successful? No, but it showed us what we really were about. The shows were designed for us to talk about what we wanted to talk about. Star Trek was a passion for us and that is what spawned The Away Team series. That fun and freedom allowed us to try our hand at The Cheap Seats, which is still too early to make a decision on, but the missing of our counterpart in the news show was a big deal.

As of now, we are cancelling Systems Update and returning to what made us better and what people want: us – together – talking about the news. Taking the fanboy out of the news and doing what we do best: talk shit. Starting this Monday, we will be dropping a revamped version of the OG podcast: The Lazy Geeks Podcast. This slimmed down version of the show will feature news stories from the previous week that interested us and feature a discussion topic about anything in the world of movies, television, comics, gaming, technology or just plain geeky.

With the return of the show (with a new renumbering scheme), we will move the second weekly shows to a Thursday release to give both shows ample breathing room out there in the podcast universe. The Lazy Geeks Podcast will return to drop this Monday, while the third episode of The Cheap Seats will drop on Thursday.

We want to thank those of you that have stuck by us through this transitional time. We know it is not easy for you but we are trying to find that perfect balance of bringing you what we love and have a full life at the same time. Doing one show that is timely and one that is not is probably the best way for us. You will receive two shows a week, while we will have six days between show recordings to live our lives, do our jobs and get back to some of the things we love.

Finding a balance is difficult. Keeping your listeners interested is even more difficult. We would appreciate any feedback that you have. We want to hear it. Good, bad or indifferent. Please share it with us and let us know if you missed the old show. We did so we assume that you did as well. As of right now, we think this is the only major change we will be doing this year. Aside from the return of the original show, we think we have a decent slate now. A schedule we can live with, and a variety that should keep people interested. Thanks for your understanding and we will see you on Monday.



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