Thor: Ragnarok Adds Creed Co-Star


With Thor: Ragnarok going to start ramping up production soon, it seems that there is some more casting news regarding the movie. Creed co-star Tessa Thompson has landed a major role in the upcoming movies.

Production of the movie is slated for June, according to The Hollywood Reporter, she will be joining director Taika Waititi, as well as Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Jaimie Alexander and newcomers Cate Blanchett and Mark Ruffalo.

In traditional Marvel fashion, the nature of Thompson’s role is not mentioned but since Natalie Portman will not be returning for the go-around (especially after her reported disappointment with the previous film), she could play the female lead for the film especially since it will take place mostly off-word and lead up to the Infinity War.

Soon she will begin shooting Alex Garland’s follow-up to Ex Machina, which will co-star Natalie Portman this spring. It will be interesting to see just how her character comes into the fold, will it be an established comic character or a newly created character for the film.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.


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