The Cheap Seats #5: Beverly Hills Cop


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This month’s edition of The Cheap Seats is Beverly Hills Cop, the 1984 Eddie Murphy classic that reminds us why we loved the guy in the beginning. After the murder of his friend, Axel Foley ventures out to Beverly Hills, from Detroit, to find out who was behind his friend’s death.




Movie Background




Budget: $14,000,000 (estimated)

Gross: $234,760,500 (USA)

Runtime: 105 min





  • When filming the scenes in the police station sequences, Eddie Murphy became very tired. The crew offered him coffee but he refused to drink any because he refuses to take drugs of any kind. Eventually, Murphy relented and took small sips of coffee to stay awake. As a result of his first caffeine intake, Murphy became very energized and ad-libbed the “super-cops” monologue.


  • When trying to find Foley and Rosewood, the LAPD use a “satellite tracking system” (the ancestor of the modern-day Global Positioning System or GPS). Such a system did not exist at the time and was made up to advance the plot, but later did come into existence in real life.


  • During the opening montage, a man can be seen waving his arms around for a small group. As stated in the filmmaker commentary, the man is actually miming out the bus spin from the truck chase seen soon afterwords that he happened to see filmed.


  • The first film to have a release of over 2000 theaters in the USA.


  • Damon Wayans film debut as The Banana Man at the Beverly Palms Hotel.


  • Body count: 7.


  • Outside Victor Maitland’s house is a Delorean, built in Ireland.



“Adventure Meme” Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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