Trailer: Star Trek Beyond #2

After the teaser trailer for Star Trek Beyond was released a couple of months ago, it didn’t seem to spark the type of response most people were hoping for. Even actor Simon Pegg came out and said he was rather disappointed in the trailer that was released. However, after a Star Trek event that was held on Friday, Justin Lin and company released a more standard trailer for the film.

It shows off the crew and the overall story arch for Captain Kirk and focuses more on the human side of things, death and mortality, which in the past have proven to be the better of the series. The scope of the movies seems vast considering the two JJ Abrams installments of the past and seems to be dealing with a new enemy that we have not seen before.

For many people, including myself, this seems to be their way of making new adventures instead of retelling older ones. Now matter how much I enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness, I always felt that telling the Khan story in the sequel was a bit too soon. This may have been the appropriate sequel that we were meant to get. This trailer excites me to see the movie rather than what we got before.


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