Red Dead Redemption Goes Backward Compatible Friday


Some of you may remember a while back when Red Dead Redemption was mistakingly released for backwards compatibility. It was not easy to get but someone at Microsoft said that it was a mistake. Needless to say, many people began to wonder if that means a backwards compatible version of the game would be coming out soon. Well, it is – Friday!

The Verge is reporting that the Rockstar game will become backwards compatible on Friday. Meaning that if you held onto your Xbox 360 version, it will be ready for you to download onto your Xbox One and give it another go. The coolest thing about this is that it does not matter which version of the game you own. Whether it be the original, Undead Nightmare, or Game of the Year Edition.

The game itself will be available on the Xbox One Game Store on Friday itself. Thus allowing those that may have picked up the original game on the PlayStation 3 a chance to grab it again and venture back into that open-world western society.

Many online sites believed that Rockstar was going to announce the long-awaited sequel to the game during E3. However, there was no real information to support this but you don’t have to have any when the internet is involved. For the meantime, you can jump back into the game and maybe there will be something next year. We shall see.


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