The Russo Brothers Adapting The Warriors For TV


Anytime you hear about someone going to remake a classic film, the eyes roll into the back of your head and begin to wonder all the ways they can screw it up. However, when you add Joe and Anthony Russo into the mix, you may have something that could be good. If those names sound familiar, they should. They directed the two Captain America movies: The Winter Soldier and Civil War. Now, they are taking on The Warriors.

Deadline is reporting that in conjunction with Paramount TV and Hulu, they are going to make a one-hour series of the classic film, which itself was based on the novel by Frank Baldwin. They claim they will honor the original and add its own unique brand of “grit, pulp, sex and violence.”

With all that is on the Russo brother’s plate, including the film of The Avengers: Infinity War (both parts), they are slated to direct the pilot of the series but there is no information as to whether they will return to direct anymore after that pilot.

The Warriors is about a street gang that is falsely accused for the murder of a gang leader and have to try to make it to their home before one of the other gangs murder them. The classic 1979 film is currently available on Netflix streaming and is worth the viewing. Nearly 40 years later, the timeless story still holds up and a good night’s viewing.


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