Verizon Offers New Data Plans And Stuff


Earlier in the week, it was being reported that Verizon Wireless would change up their data plans shortly after the 4th of July weekend. Many people figured that with the extra data would require extra money and the internet was correct. On Wednesday, CNet reported that Verizon’s new data plans would increase by $10 but it would increase roughly about 1 GB.

The beginner “S” plan will rise by $5 to $35 a month, but will get you 2 gigabytes of data. The “M” plan will increase by $5 to $50 a month, increasing data from 3GB to 4GB. The “L” plan will increase by $10 to $70 a month, and will increases from 6GB to 8GB. The “XL” plan will go up by $10 to $90 a month, but you’ll get 16GB, up from 12GB. Lastly, the “XXL” plan will cost $10 more at $110 a month, but you will get 24GB instead of 18GB. The new plans will be available starting Thursday.

Now, current customers will not be forced into the new plans. However, you can change your data plan at any time to take advantage of the new deal and features. If you are in your current contract, you will be able to enjoy the existing one until you decide to re-sign on a new phone. They are very tricky that way.

Here is a breakdown of the new features in the new data plans:

  • Carryover Data (AT&T owns the rights to the term “Rollover Data.”) will be available to anyone who signs up for the new plan. Like AT&T’s model, you’ll be able to take your current unused data and move it forward to the next month. The data, however, doesn’t carry over beyond that next month, and you eat into your regular allocation of data first.
  • Safety Mode will slow your connection down to 128 kilobits per second — equivalent to a dial-up modem — for the remainder of your billing period. It will be available for free to customers on the XL or XXL data plans, but you’ll have to actively turn on the feature through the revamped My Verizon app. Customers on lower-end plans can pay $5 to take advantage of the feature, which eliminates overage fees. Miller said customers on lower end plans typically don’t go over their limit, and that folks on the more expensive plans tend to get hit with overage fees more often.
  • Data Boost is available for anyone in Safety Mode. You can purchase an additional gigabyte of data, which can be rolled over to the next month.
  • International roaming to Mexico and Canada will be free for customers on the XL plan or larger. It gets you unlimited talk and text from the US to Mexico and Canada, as well as unlimited talk, text and your allotment of data while in those countries. Customers on smaller plans can pay $5 to access this feature.
  • The new My Verizon app will allow you to make changes to your plan, turn on or off Safety Mode and access information and usage on your account. You’ll also be able to access on-demand support and shop for devices through the app.

Of course you couldn’t have a Verizon announcement without T-Mobile VEO John Legere throwing something up on Twitter. “I love the price hikes, @verizon! It’s like you’re trying to get everyone to switch to @TMobile!!#keepitup,”, he tweeted. In a follow-up tweet, he compared the model of creating pain points and charging fees to remove them something akin to “The Sopranos.”


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