CW Debuts Wally West As Kid Flash

It does seem that many of the people reporting this story did not, in fact, watch the second season of The Flash. During the experiment to get Barry back into the speed force to restore his powers, the shock wave came in contact with Jessie Wells and Wally West. As they did not show any signs outright that they will become speedsters, it seems that Wally will become one.

The CW releases a photo that shows Wally West in the Kid Flash costumer. Wally was Kid Flash until the Crisis of Infinite Earths when Barry died and Wally decided to take on his mantle. However, it was not until the New 52 reboot that the ethnicity of Wally changed from white to an African-American character. Now, some people are saying this may have something to do with “Flashpoint” but it is doubtful.

Check out the pictures below:



Given that Wally knows Barry’s secret identity, Barry will most likely take him under his wing to become a hero. However, the internet will speculate but we will have to wait a few months until the debut of the third season of The Flash to find out how it all fits together. Or, at least until Comic-Con.



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