Samsung To Announce Galaxy Note 7 At August 2nd Event


With the creation of Facebook and Twitter, it seems that more companies are turning to social media to get their press releases out to the public as opposed to general press releases. Today, Samsung took to Twitter to announce that the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will make its way to its big reveal via Samsung’s special event on August 2nd in New York City.

The Verge took a moment to clarify the numbering scheme between the launch of last year’s Note 5 and pulling a Microsoft and jumping right into the 7. According to the site, they suggest that if you take into the 2014’s Note Edge, there would have been seven Note smartphones releases. We all see what you did there. However, Samsung stated that the name change would “minimize confusion about the latest mobile technology from Samsung, and provide full alignment with Galaxy S smartphone.”


The images above are what the Note 7 is expected to look like via Evan Blass on Twitter. The Note 7 is expected to have a dual-curved display like the traditional Galaxy Edge. Iris scanner for security and authentication purposes, which remains to be seen. Keep in mind that you Google that device and see what people expect from it.

I guess we will have to wait less than a month to see if any of the speculations are true or not.




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