Netflix Throws Out The Flixtape

Remember mix tapes? How else would you tell that special someone in your life that these songs remind you of them or let them know that this has special meaning? Many songs have been ruined that way but Netflix is offering to throw themselves into the mix tape world. Well, sort of. They, for some reason, think people under 30 have no idea what a mixtape is. That is another matter for another time.

Nextflix announced “Flixtape.” The concept, in case you didn’t watch the video above, allows you to share a minimum of 3 programs (movies or television shows) up to 6. They have a recommended selection of 3 shows, which is pointless if you are going to share them with someone but you can delete those and pick your favorites.

To share it, you can share it with a specific person or post the flixtape on Facebook or Twitter. This would be a good way to get someone to watch something you like to discuss later, if they need something to watch or a collection of the kind of things you like. You may want to be cautious on that last one, especially if you are trying to start a new relationship.



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