Summer Rewind – The Lazy Geeks Podcast #7: To The Gaming Grid


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We have reached the halfway point of the Lazy Geeks’ Summer Rewind! This was one of the few shows that had complete shownotes. What does that mean? It means that many times Adam never prepared his shownotes until after the show. This was our show before Thanksgiving in 2010. So we have some recommendations for gifts. As well as reactions to Green Lantern and Cowboys and Aliens. So check it out!


Why is this news?

  1. The Engagement of Prince William. Why is this news? Because girls are heartbroken because now they won’t have a chance to be a real-life princess. Plus, he’s the son of Princess Diana.
  2. Doctor Who Christmas Special airing on Christmas. Why is this news? Because, before, the only way to see it around Christmas was to either live in the UK or find it online.

The Rundown (Rate the high stories of the weeks with a WIN or FAIL)

  1. The New Green Lantern Trailer (MEH) –
  2. Cowboys And Aliens Trailer (WIN) –
  3. Harry Potter First 36 Minutes Online; Hackers Take Advantage (FAIL) –

(Break) –  Sapien and Nomad Get Insurance

Main Topics – (One for each, may vary depending on additional material)

  1. Altering DVDs for Family-Friendly Viewing – Family Edited DVDs are being sued by the major studios for altering their movies to make them “family friendly” by editing out objectionable material.
  2. 2. AOL Launching  A Online Morning Show – Why?,2817,2371911,00.asp

Potential Christmas Gift Recommendations – With Black Friday coming, here are ten gift recommendations for those hard to get geeks in your life. Sapien and Nomad will have 5 Top Recommended Gifts for this Holiday season.


Superman Earth One Graphic Novel (Comic) $20

Doctor Who: Series Five Box set (DVD) $60 DVD; $70 Blu-ray

25th Anniversary Mario All-Stars (Game) $30

Razer’s Tron Legacy Keyboard (Gadget) $150. Mouse $100, or Mouse w/Pad $130.

Tron Legacy Disc/iPod Charger The Monster/Disney Tron line will also feature an iPod dock inspired by the iconic data disk from TRON: Legacy ($249.99)


HoverSpy Video Cam R/C Copter – $79.99 –

Cataclysm Expansion(12/07/10) – $39.99

Back to the Future Blueray – $50.00

Custom Converse All Stars – $60.00

Retro NES USB Controller – $29.99

 (Break) –  The Find-A-Hoe “Dating” Website

Douchebag list

Nomad’s List:

  1. Guy Shoots TV Over Bristol Palin; Hollywood Reporter Tries to Justify It.
  2. Dude Robs Woman On The Can –,0,4350906.story
  3. Army Dog “Accidentially” Put Down –

Sapien’s List:

  1. Suspect tries to flee on lawn mower
  2. Thou shalt Not Facebook
  3. Adobe

Epic Person of the week

The Lazy Geek’s Epic Person of the Week: Staff Sgt. Salvatore Guinta for being a bad ass.



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