Trailers: Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl


As September is coming to a close, it seems that the CW is trying to generate more excitement for their slate of super hero shows that are pounding us with teasers. Even though many of them begin their new seasons in the coming weeks, it is important to remind the audience that some big changes are coming to some of their favorite shows.

Obviously, the most anticipated return is the third season of The Flash. Mostly in large part due to the “Flashpoint” storyline that is will kick off the season. In the extended trailer, we see more of Barry getting the band back together and a new “Flash” is keeping Central City safe. Everything seems all well and good until the universe change begins to affect Barry in ways he had not realized. Much like in the comic version, where he was not the Flash and recreated the accident that gave him his powers. It will be interesting to see where this story goes, since the producers have already said that “Flashpoint” will not last the entire season.

Ever since the crossover on CBS between Supergirl and The Flash, many fans were waiting to see what will have to the Woman of Steel. As we found out this past summer, she will be joining forces with the other DC super heroes on the CW. The second season of Supergirl seems to bring on her cousin for the first two episodes. After all, in the season finale, he was still incapacitated from the mind control weapon. Although, the additional of Superman is a cool concept and definitely bring fans to view the show, I am more curious as to how they will integrate a series that mentioned in the freshman season that none of the other heroes exist?

After the critically and fan lambasting that came from the fourth season of Arrow, Stephen Amell made sure to mention at his recent comic con appearances that Arrow is getting back to basics. With all of Team Arrow walking away, with the exception of Felicity, it seems that Oliver Queen will be working on assembling a new team to take over the old one. Dubbed Team Arrow 2.0, it seems that Oliver is bringing together some old, new and curious faces to guard Star City. While non-fans of Olicity don’t have to worry about the return of that train wreck, it seems that Oliver will be getting back to fighting more grounded villians instead of metahumans and spiritual baddies. Also, the Instagram picture of Deathstroke and Oliver on a park bench for the 100th episode has me a wee but excited.


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