Automatic Updates to Begin for New Mac OS


Automatic updates seem to be the way of the future. Truly, at this point, anyone that does not want automatic updates either (1) are using bootlegged software or (2) should not be using a computer since they are probably still running Windows XP on their desktop. When Microsoft started the automatic updates to Windows 10, many people were annoyed by the forced more. However, it should be interesting to see how the Apple community reacts to their latest move regarding Apple’s new macOS Sierra.

The Loop is reporting that Apple will start dropping automatic download of its latest desktop operating system providing you fit one of two criteria: (1) your Mac is compatible with the new software or (2) if you have space on your hard drive. Now, the updates will happen at a time of Apple’s choosing, which began on Monday, and will continue rolling out over the course of the coming week.

Now, before you start grinding your gears, you will have the ability to choose when the OS will actually install on your rig. Much like many mobile devices, their updates will download onto your device but you will have the ability to say when. Much like Microsoft when it announced that Windows 10 would be available for download, you were able to choose when it would install.

If you choose to decline their upgrade, you can delete the installer or disable automatic downloads from the App Store to avoid it. Also, Apple will not download the new operating system if you do not have enough room on your hard drive to prevent it from harming your system.

While many people complain about the automatic updates, it is important to keep your system installed with the latest updates from any operating system. Updates are not only filled with cool new stuff for you to use but it updates protection and glitches that made it through the previous update or install. Sierra offers Siri for the desktop, optimized storage, universal clipboard and the ability to unlock your Mac with you Apple Watch.


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