Comixology Bringing Original, Digital-Only Content to Service


Comixology was a great little comic app until Amazon purchased it. Making it integrated for Amazon devices and harder for people that want to use the app on other devices. Their unfriendly customer experience prevents people from binge buying which is how most people do their shopping. While they have not tried to make friends with comic readers, they are seeming to go after comic publishers and creators with their new service comiXology Originals.

The new program is designed to showcase content coming from Boom! Studios, Valiant Entertainment and the late, great cartoonist and Mad editor Harvey Kurtzman. According to The Verge, Comixology is releasing these digital only titles from both creators and publishers.

Some of the comics that will be offered on the service will be Adventure Time Marshall Lee Spectacular by award-winning writer Mariko Tamaki, which follows Marshall Lee from Cartoon Network’s critically acclaimed Adventure Time!, and Harvey Kurtzman’s Marley’s Ghost, which will be a completed version of Kurtzman’s first attempt at a graphic novel.

“Our mission is to make everyone on the face of the planet a comic fan, and with comiXology Originals we’re excited to offer a range of content by diverse creators,” said Comixology CEO David Steinberger in an official statement. “It’s fantastic to be working with publishers across the spectrum to deliver great comics to comiXology and Kindle, offering fans stories that they can’t get anywhere else.”

While this is a cool idea for people to get original content digitally, it still has a way to go to bring consumers back. With the restraint of limiting non-Amazon customers to purchasing comics on the computer and putting them into a cart which will then download onto the device is a step to push business away. It would seem that Amazon wants to grow the service and make it a draw but until they loosen up their purchasing restriction, it will be a service that is hardly used. Sadly.


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