Report: AT&T Considering To Stop Offering Galaxy Note 7 Devices


If we could jump back to the beginning of the year and think about all the anticipation for Samsung’s rumored Galaxy Note 7, people could not contain themselves. Shortly after their release, the device’s own battery could not contain themselves as we found that their batteries could explode at any time. Based on the number of reports, they did. Since them, Samsung initiated a replacement plan but that didn’t seem to help matters.

Shortly after replacements were issued, reports began to surface that the replacement phones were overheating and eventually one exploded on a Southwest Airlines flight last week. Bloomberg is reporting that AT&T is considering ceasing sales of the “safe” replacement devices all together, as well as exchanging the defective device for a replacement one. Right now, they are offering replacements for the Note 7 for any other smartphone.

I am sure that AT&T is not the only carrier experiencing this dilemma. From a legal standpoint, Samsung is the manufacturer of the device and any litigation would go there way, but how long will it be before someone aims a lawsuit at one of the major wireless providers. It will cease to be an issue of public safety and more of an allegation of being complicit with the manufactures. That is an allegation no one needs.



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