Supergirl’s Universe Will Not Merge With Arrowverse


With Supergirl joining, officially, the CW Network this Monday, it seems while she will be crossing over into the Arrowverse, it seems that her world will still standalone compared to everyone else on CW Prime. That is what I am calling the original CW shows that spunoff from Arrow. Last week, we saw The Flash and Arrow debut their third and fifth season respectively, but fans have been waiting to see how Supergirl figures into the whole universe.

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly, “Not for her entire world, but Kara will be traveling from her dimension to our dimension, ‘our’ being the world that ‘The Flash,’ ‘Arrow’ and ‘Legends’ lives in.”

The internet, during the past intervening months, had some theories as to how Kara’s universe would join the main CW universe, many of which were spawned by the alternate reality Barry created during The Flashpoint episode on The Flash. What a surprise that internet rumors turned out to be untrue.

It isn’t a complete shock that Kara’s universe will remain on their own, while everyone from the other three CW/DC series mingle all the time. However, with the series moved to Vancouver with the other shows, mingling between dimensions will be a lot easier than it was in the first season of Supergirl. So this should still prove interesting.


3 thoughts on “Supergirl’s Universe Will Not Merge With Arrowverse

  1. We know that in flash’s future there is a superman, remember the newspaper from season 1? And Barry starts the justice league at some point before then, I don’t know how they would do it but it seems like there is a plan to make Supergirl series part of arrow verse and this is why: they cast a superman after being moved to cw, Supergirl had enough ratings go get second season and the show was just fine without casting an actual supernan. What I am saying is I don’t think superman was added just for ratings or to ensure survival f the series, just because there is no plan to merge the universes during the crossover event doesn’t mean there isn’t a larger overall plan to make them all coexist in same universe, the quote only speaks about n merger during crossover. Sure merger never happened in comics but oh well they aren’t held to having to use not source material, and the key to my theory is the casting of Superman, think about it like this, in flash season one the future newspaper spoke of superman, yet no superman exists in the flash universe presently and even though I said the show isn’t held to source material, it would seem if there was a clark kent somewhere in the arrowverse he is younger than Barry and hasn’t became superman yet, by this extremely unlikely as superman would be alot younger than the flash and other heroes, so the point I’m trying o make is I believe superman was cast in Supergirl after being moved to cw so the series can build towards Supergirl series being part of arrowverse. Think about it, the future of Barry Allen’s universe has a superman yet THERe is no superman in his universe presently and even if there is a clark somewhere who hasn’t became superman then it would be a long time before kara would arrive in Barry’s universe not mention age to the point of becoming Supergirl, and having supermangirl be that much younger than Barry and Oliver seems extremely unlikely, however the problem is that reason one showed us there is a superman in arrowverse future who has bee well established by that point in time. The paper is from 2024 such is only 7 years away, flash and arrow and LoT are all high rated shows that will likely go as long if not longer than smallville which went 10 or at the least survive several more seasons, and since the showrunners already showed us superman is established in 2024 in arrowverse then they would have to cast a clark kent/superman at some point in the next few seasons on flash series at least 2-3 years before the 2024 season to have it come full crcle. So what’s more logical flash casting another actor to portray a younger clark/superman in the near future? Flash casting the same guy from Supergirl to play arrowverse superman and supergirlverse and just making him appear younger than Barry? Or is it more likely Supergirl showrunners casted a Clark Kent/superman for the sole purpose of killing two birds with one stone and eventually finding a creative, accepted & entertaining way to bring superman and supergirl into the arrowverse as permanent fixtures to said universe? Sorry for typos i missed, my tablet has a mind of its own sometimes

    • What you said makes sense. It also mentions Wayne Enterprises in the newspaper. However, the producers could change their mind as the series moves forward. Not to mention, they can see how Supergirl does on the CW to make it more of the Arrowverse. I guess we will have to wait and see what they decide to do. It is a long time till May for them to change their mind. I would like to see it all together.

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