Review: Supergirl – “The Adventures of Supergirl”


When I originally reviewed the series premiere of Supergirl on CBA, I liked it but felt like it could go down that rabbit hole of rom-com territory. Unfortunately for me, it did travel down that path and I failed to view the remainder of the season. Needless to say, once it was picked up for a second season and was moving to the CW, my interest was rekindled knowing that it may be more at home in the CW realm where I felt it belonged since the beginning.

The second season opener kind of began where it left off with a mysterious guest landing in National City and her cousin, who now is spoken to by his name, joins Supergirl in saving the people of that city. While this version of Superman is different from the Henry Cavill version that dominates the cinematic universe, I found this version more akin to Christopher Reeve’s Superman. Most notably the reference to when Lex Luthor started that earthquake in California, so you know where they are pulling from.

While many online haters will ridicule this version, one thing you will need to remember is that this is a guy that fits the CW universe and not the cinematic universe. He has some good looks but he seems to capture the essence of the Superman from this series is trying to capture. It would be similar seeing Batman appear in one of these shows and would more noticeable in a series like Arrow versus showing up in The Flash.

Aside from the numerous Superman references made in the episode, his presence feels more natural in the series. Not to mention, they are putting her more in the perspective of trying to be Kara as well as being Supergirl. The whole season long possible-romance between Jimmy and Kara was put on hold in the beginning of the episode as if to tell fans we know the romances on this network take a backseat to the stories we tell, so we are putting that whole Jimmy-Kara thing on whole. We learned from the whole Olicity-thing.

The series set up the main focus for the person of interest this season: Lex’s sister, who was the victim of numerous assassination attempts. It seems that she will be the eye of Luthor, who is serving out 30+ life terms. Is it possible we could see him sometime this season? Only the producers know.

The main tone of the series seemed more of a fit on the CW. Still using skyline shots of Los Angeles to show people that they are still using Southern California master shots, but everything else is shot in Canada. Living in Los Angeles, you tend to notice the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles. The reference to the new DOD location was a funny moment, making it more like the other lairs of the other series on the network. Still have no idea why CBS chose a cave.

It seems we will getting many changes in the second season. Kara learning to be more Kara. No Kara and Jimmy. Learning from her cousin and Cat Grant readying her exit. I am not a particular fan of Calista Flockhart but I truly dug her in this role. Knowing that she will be a recurring character after the move to Canada, it will be interesting to see how the dynamic of the series plays out. This opener left me with more of a promising feeling for the series going forward. Only hope is if they can maintain it.


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