Nintendo Reveals The Switch

After months of speculation and rumor, Nintendo has finally unveiled their Nintendo NX. The Nintendo Switch, as it is now being called, seems to be made for that demographic that they seem to be losing to other gaming platforms like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile gamers – the 30 and above crowd. In their 3-minute trailer, which you can see above, you will notice that not one of the people in the trailer that is using the device is a child. It is aimed for that adult on the go.

One of the biggest reactions was the fact that the console/handheld will be using actual cartridges, which has been a sore spot in recent years due to the physical disc that are required for installation of a new game but nothing beyond that like with the PS4 and the Xbox One. Not only that, it is making a clean break from discs that have been Nintendo’s core since the GameCube and using cartridges similar to their DS series.

The other interesting aspect was the use of breaking up the controller to turn it from a single player console/device to a multiplayer standalone screen. The concept seems definitely for adults that would love to gather around for a round or two of Mario Kart, which was featured in the video, as well as Zelda, Splatoon and a basketball game from some unnamed developer.

The interesting aspect was the Transformer-like handset that can be used with the Switch, but it also seemed to sport a Xbox-like controller that can be used. There are many interesting aspects to the Switch that intrigue me, more than the Wii U. However, there are more questions that linger and one of them is primarily price?

Since the console/handheld seems to be targeted at the older gaming crowd, it could mean that the device may be more expensive than their DS line. If it is more expensive, that may not be a bad thing. Given that adults are more apt to drop more money for devices that are for them, rather than children, we could see Nintendo finally make that big push for that duality.

As the handset market seems to be dying, from the look of Sony, and mobile gaming is on the rise, it makes sense that Nintendo would try to find a happy medium. Learning a hard lesson from their lackluster delivery of the Wii U, they may finally be looking to innovate with something that can be bother. After the surprising success of the Wii, would other gaming developers look to copy their success? We will have to wait and see when the Switch reaches store shelves in March of 2017.


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