Comic Review Pull List for 11/09: Renew Your Vows, World of Wakanda and Invincible Iron Man

It has kind of dawned on me that not everyone listens to our podcast. I am of the mind that people either listen to our podcast, and not visit the site, or visit the site and not listen to the podcast. This particular post is for the latter of you. Every week, on our podcast, we have a section called the “Pull List.”

It is a brief review of three comics that we select and let you guys know what we think. After doing this for the last few months, it kind of dawned on me about putting it on the website. Much of the review I will post will be what I said in the show but I may expand a little bit more because now I don’t have to condense it for time. So here we go:

These are my three pulls for the previous week in comics and all three are from Marvel. Let’s not forget that they are all number ones.

425423-_sx360_ql80_ttd_ Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 – Last year during Marvel’s Secret Wars event, many writers got to go back to some of the classic Marvel stories and showed how they would have played out in their alternate universes. One of the storylines that they went back to was what if Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson had remained married and had a child. You remember the whole 90’s thing when comic publishers were retconning everything. So, this picks up after that limited series concluded last year. It picks up with Spider-Man taking on the Scorpion while trying to remember what he needed to get from the supermarket. Is constantly thinking about making a list. Gerry Conway takes the focus off the potential Spider-Family dynamic but puts it on how to deal with a family when you have super-powers. Anna-May Parker has the same powers that her father has but they are trying to keep her under wraps until they can fully prepare her for the responsibilities that come with it.

Ryan Stegman’s artwork is clean and polished. Makes the action in the book easy to follow, as well as Sonia Oback’s bright artwork brings a zeal to the pages and her use of shadows to compel the story visually. Mary Jane is no longer the woman that hopes her man comes home safely but is in the action. Using a suit that Spider-Man made from the Regent’s tech, it allows her to tap into Peter’s powers for protection. However, she is using it to keep their family together and safe. Peter has to think as part of a team and not a single person. Of course, at the end of the issue and old Fantastic Four villain emerges and he has someone as a prisoner.


The book is a compelling issue that shows Peter Parker in a new light. He now has to juggle the responsibility of not only being Spider-Man, a mentor to his daughter but think about his family instead of putting himself in harm’s way and willing to suffer the ultimate consequence. Bringing this back now seems a better fit for today’s world than it did back in the nineties.

5792a1f455b04Black Panther: World of Wakanda #1 – A spin-off series that focuses on the female guards of the kingdom, The Dora Muh-Lah-jay, which serve as the personal guards of Black Panther and the royal family. Roxane Gay focuses the story on two particular members of the guard that begin to have a personal relationship. Captain Aneka takes a liking to Ayo. It is obvious from the start that Aneka has some feelings toward this recruit but nothing can happen given their status among the guard. Mistress Zola catches on to the friction between the two and recruits Folami to keep an eye on the two and report to her directly. The events in this series take place before the first issue of the main Black Panther storyline. It, also, involves them during the war between the Avengers and X-Men when Prince Namor was their enemy. The book was an okay read. Trending heavily on backroom deals and conspiracies but it seems that it is trying to make a new section of mythos in a relatively uncharted comic universe. As for a first issue, there is nothing truly compelling in the story to keep me coming back for another issue. Don’t let the title confuse you, there is no mention or appearance of Black Panther in this book. If you want more from the Black Panther universe, then this might be good for you but it isn’t enough for me to come back to.


invincible_iron_man_vol_3_1Invincible Iron Man #1 – We have known for months now that a new Iron Man will be taking over. Well, a new person would be taking over the role. She has already appeared in some of the Civil War titles but now she launches her own title. Riri Williams is a gifted child and is heavily into science and is a fan of Tony Stark. Brian Michael Bendis, as he did with Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, make this particular teenager a part and apart of the society around her. She is trying to take down Animax in the middle of Cheyenne, Wyoming but at the same time, we get her origin story of personal loss. She quickly figures out that she needs an AI for her suit but with Tony Stark missing, she has no chance until something arrives at the very end to help her along.

The artwork of Stefano Caselli is clean and powerful as well as the color from Marte Garcia. However, it is Bendis’ story alone that backs a good entertaining punch but at the same time, strikes an emotional cord. While I have never been fond of the recasting of many of these characters, it seems that Bendis has created another character that would work well if/when they decide to bring back Tony Stark into the Marvel Universe. Oh, and calm down, they won’t be changing the movies anytime soon. Although the end would be a perfect way to keep RDJ as part of the universe. Good thinking, Marvel.


I am going to try and have these posted around the time the podcast is released, so you guys won’t think the reviews are that old. Not to mention, we would post them the day they release but we coordinate more for the show and having written reviews of the comics we selected will allow people to come back and see the reviews, thus making their decisions based on that. At least, that is the hope. Hope you enjoy these and we will see you guys next week for these comic reviews.


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