Rogue One IMAX Poster Is Revealed… And It’s Glorious

One of the expected thing regarding anything Star Wars is the poster. We have variation but they all seem to follow the same mold. However, when you are dealing with the non-saga films, it was always curious as to what some of those posters would look like. Well, on Monday, we got our look at the IMAX poster for Rogue One.

USA Today got the exclusive on the full-length poster for the film and it is amazing. Not only do you have the main characters in a descending order, but they are formed to fit within the shape of a Star Destroyer, which itself is flanked by X-Wing fighters. All against the backdrop of the newly constructed Death Star.

It is rather simplistic and amazing in design. Aside of the actors featured, much of the artwork is done in a black-and-white motif with a bit of grayscale for the ships. So take this in a bit and be ready for the movie when it comes to theaters on December 16th.



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