Westworld Gets A Second Season

When Westworld was announced and the cast assembled, it became something that people wanted to see. Then when it was hit with delays and a suspension of production, people began to wonder if the show was going to be as good as some of the other series on HBO. The production suspension seemed to work out in their favor as they managed to rack up some 11.7 million viewers on average, which is higher than the first season of Game of Thrones.

Given the rigors of the first season many people wondered if there would be a second season, even if the show was a hit. Well, on Monday, HBO programming president Casey Bloys told EW that a second season will be coming. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a bit. Although, if any of those fans are Sherlock fans, they know a bit about waiting.

“My suspicion is sometime in 2018 because of how big the world is and what goes into shooting it,” Bloys told EW. “So I don’t have a date exactly – they’re going to have to map it out and write the scripts – but my guess is sometime in ‘18.”

“Jonah and Lisa great storytellers,” Bloys said in response to what fans should expect in season two. “I didn’t know exactly what to expect in season 2. And what they came up with is as exciting, mysterious and as fun as season 1. And completely original, as well.”

It was a foregone conclusion that Westworld would see a second season but it was not clear if HBO would want to deal with the headaches that the first season went through. However, the end product seemed to be enough for them to want to deal with a season two. Now, like True Detective, will be measure up to the first season?



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