Comic Review: Sherlock – A Study in Pink #6

It is always weird when you write the review of the final comic of a storyline but Sherlock: A Study in Pink #6 still seemed like a good one to review. Having been a fan of the television show and not a fan of the long gaps of waiting in between seasons, it seemed like a good filler for the episodes especially with the manga style storytelling.

Sherlock lends itself to that type of telling as well. Given that the live-action television series manages to do the same thing. Taking a traditional procedural and turning it differently, but more based on the characters rather than on the procedure.

In the final issues, which is based on the same episode of the first season, Sherlock has found himself in front of the murdered that has killed four people with a game. It seems that the whole point of the game was to see if the cabbie could actually beat Holmes, which Watson is on the chase to find him before he ends up as the next victim.

The adaptation is solid with the artwork but the major key to the book was the tension between the cabbie and Sherlock. When you watch the episode, you can get the tension and the continuous building as Watson rushes to find him before it’s too late. While the tension and silence is used in the book, it lacks a bit from panel to panel, unlike the episode when you have music and angles.

Although, I found the comic enticing with Steven Moffat’s script and compelling enough to get fans for people that have never seen the series before. If you are a fan of the series, then this may be something to pick up, even if you know the origin story of this incarnation. However, the set story will possibly been and original which will truly see where this series will go in this form.



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