The Extended Play Movie Podcast #46: Halloween

What a perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July with a slasher movie about Halloween? The Extended Play Movie Podcast kicks of the celebration with the slasher movie that essentially created the genre and all those damn sequels. Halloween began the modern teenage story of the virgin always lives, even if they say otherwise.

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Halloween continues the series of “Films of 1978”, with the John Carpenter classic. One major thing you need to remember about the film is that it is rather slow than any that follow. The concept was so new that it takes more than half the film before any of the teenagers are killed. The movie spends most of its time setting up the character of Michael, but never really discussing the motive that caused him to begin killing.

The amazing opening shot, which is taken from young Michael’s point-of-view, shows him approaching the house. Noticing that his sister is in the house alone with her boyfriend to which they move upstairs. Young Michael moves along the house, in the back door, through the house, and approaches the stairs. In the film, it happens in less than a minute. However, in that time, the teens went upstairs and had sex. Once you get over that leap in logic, the scene moves upstairs to where he killed his half-naked sister. Why? We never know. Nor do we understand the reasoning for him choose to follow Jamie Lee Curtis.

There is much in the way of build-up to the killing, but it takes well into the second act for them to begin. In modern movies, the killings begin well within the first act. Fortunately, the film does manage to take its time to develop characters and try to set motivations for the small cast. However, if you were brought up on the sequels and other franchises, this will be a slow burn. Fortunately, it was better for it.

This week’s episode marks the final five episodes for 1978 and begins the countdown to episode 50. This, also, marks a year since we started this podcast in 2017. While, we are happy that you guys have stuck around with us for that time and hope to interact with all of you more. Please hit us up with comments, questions, or suggestions for future topics to cover. Even after a year, we still have growing pains. The next milestone will be episode 100. For now, enjoy The Extended Play Movie Podcast #46: Halloween.  



“Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) – RamtroStudios


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