About Us

Who are The Lazy Geeks?

That is a solid questions and I hope I have a solid answer. We are two guys that have opinions and when we would search out for news and information, we never found the kind of news we liked. I mean, you can find any type of corporate-owned, genre specific site anywhere in the interwebs.

We were looking for that kind of place that would bring together all the cool things we love and have it all in one place. That is how The Lazy Geeks were born. We search the web for news and information that we think is cool, fun or just funny and have all in one place.

You can’t tell us that a Star Trek fan doesn’t like Battlefield 3 or isn’t interested in the whole Apple-Android campaign. That would be ignorant to think that way. No, we won’t have all the news for every interest but if we find news that interests us, it could interest you.

Which started first? The podcast or the blog?

It started out as a podcasting idea at first. Adam and I were laid off co-workers and would spend some days hanging out and talking. He realized that he enjoyed our conversations and thought we should do a podcast because there had to be other people out there that shared our skewed view of the world.

It was after that when I came up with the idea to develop a blog to accompany the podcast. It wasn’t enough to have a podcast but you needed to have some place to showcase it. That is when thelazygeeks.com was born.

What makes you different?

We are not journalist. We don’t have spies out in the field or paid informants. We are a very small and independent site that takes geek news from other news sources and gives them a home in one place. You have tons of comic-based, gamer-based, and movie-based sites that focus on one particular genre, with some mild interest in others.

We know, based on our own experiences, that we have various interests. Steven is heavily into movies and television, while Adam is heavily into gaming. We both are into technology and comic books. Adam is more of a DC Comics guy, while Steven is more of a Marvel reader.

We give you the news but we back it up with telling you why we are reporting it. We will tell you why we think it’s funny, true, sad or just plain ridiculous.

You have a Twitter Account and Facebook Page?

Of course, we do. We knew that one of the first things we needed was a place on the social networking scheme. What kind of geeks would we be if we didn’t get in on that racket? We have a main Twitter account for the site (@thelazygeeks), but we have two separate accounts for both Steven and Adam (@TLGStevenVargas and @TLGAdamRiley).

Not only do you get links to our stories, but we throw out what to expect on the site or even ask questions about what people think on certain topics. Even pictures of cool stuff we found out there in the world.

Our Facebook Fan page (www.facebook.com/thelazygeeks) is another place that you can like us and follow our antics. Again, you can get links to our news stories, but we also post cool trailers that we come across funny videos or news links that people might be interested in. We don’t care that it is to other sites, if it’s cool and people should know about it – who cares.

How can people get in touch with you?

If you have any questions or comments for us, you can contact us through our social media contacts (as seen above) or you can email us. If you have a questions or inquiry for the site, you can email us at thegeeks@thelazygeeks.com.

If you have a question in regards to the podcast, email us at podcast@thelazygeeks.com Please specify which podcast you have a question for and we will answer it and feature it on the podcast.

Or, you can contact either myself or Adam directly at: steven@thelazygeeks.com or adam@thelazygeeks.com

Have you maked the leap to YouTube?

It seems like a natural progression. We have the podcast on iTunes (The Lazy Geeks Podcast) and we have the website, Facebook and Twitter, so it makes sense that we should move into the realm of YouTube. The Lazy Geeks YouTube Channel is where we will post trailers and special event videos.

Since we launched the YouTube page after our second year anniversary, there have been some major changes personally that led us to let it slip. Adam and I tried to do a monthly version of the podcast but he then moved to Arizona, as I am based in Los Angeles, it is difficult to make that happen.

We have done some things with people like Patrick Chein, who sat down and had some on-camera discussions about movies and stuff. We will resurrect the page with more trailers and cool tutorials that we find on the internet, doing the same thing on the YouTube page that we do on our Facebook page. Just because it belongs to someone else doesn’t make it any less informative.

You have been running for three years now, what are you plans for the future?

We haven’t thought that far in advance. We knew that when we started, we would like to do something for YouTube and we were hoping to have it within our first year. However, it took us that year to figure out what we were or what we had. During that year, we have had some great people to help us out: Allyson, John, Patrick and Josh Kanan.

One of the fortunate things is that we have started to do is get contributors to the site. Many times we get help from outside sources to expand our point-of-view and allow people to fulfill their desire to show their geekiness. Fortunately, we had Josh Kanan who did some video game reviews for us in the past as well as Peter Bosson who contributed and shared his film geek side through reviews of movies.

On the YouTube side, Patrick has been a good help to sit down with Steve and talk about movies, as well as joining us on a few podcasts. Both have a similar passion for movies and the art of acting. Allyson has been a contributor on the website as well as being part of the podcast on a few occasions. John has been a part of the podcast and will likely be one in the near future.

During our second year, we added more podcast and changed it to The Lazy Geeks Network. Along with our weekly Lazy Geeks Podcast, we managed to develop a podcast simply for movie geeks, The Cinephile Podcast, which is my solo podcast and have guests like Adam, John, Patrick and new contributors like Kyle and Heather.

We have, also, delved into the world of technology and gaming with our monthly podcast The Lazy Ring of Death. We have created another monthly podcast, In The Ink Comic Podcast, which features Adam and I talking about comics and has been joined on occasion by Kyle.

We have just begun adding another monthly podcast, Geek In The Life, which is a more laid back podcast that has Adam and I discussing what it is like being a geek and adult at the same time.

As we get into our fourth year and on, we have sights to make things a bit bigger. As we have found our identity, we have ideas that could make the site bigger. As our listeners and readers have grown a bit in our second year, we have desires to make this bigger than both of us. We have the desire to not simply have a site for geeks to enjoy but make it a brand where anyone can join and make it better. So be ready.



8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I love your blog. I know its mostly geared towards guys, but as girly as I can be, I enjoy geeky techy things too. A lot of your recent posts have been really helpful. I’m actually referring to your blog a lot for my upcoming black Friday shopping needs. On my wish list are The Xbox and a HDSLR camera.

    I also nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award 🙂


    • Thanks for the kind words. I K ow it has tendency to move toward guys but we are open to all genders. Thanks for the comment and we are working on our nominees.

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